Rules 41 - 50

41. A bird never asks if others like his songs or the way he flies - he just does what he does 'cuz he's a bird. Conclusion: BE THAT THING!!!!! (Whatever that thing is that you are - just be it)

42. Sometimes people won't treat you with respect until you meet them with force. ("Slam Dunk" i.e. "tuff luv")

43. Don't allow anyone to take away your personal joy and peace.

44. God has given everyone the freedom to take a shot at you and you have the liberty to duck. (Life is a lightly supervised test in free will.)

45. Don't trust NOBODY easily!!!! (Remember: Anyone at anytime is capable of anything!) Sure you have to trust people, just don't be so blind about it. Trust is earned, not given. DEFINED: Don't be paranoid, but always be aware!!!

46. Everyone pays their way - except the elderly, widows and children. (Nobody rides for free.)

47. The Truth will set you free! (I can live with the truth but I won't live with a lie.)

48. If you think something's up - Something's Up!

49. Make it happen!!! (Before it happens to you.)

50. We are always in combat - know who your enemies are and cover your assets.

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