Rules 31 - 40

31. I believe humans are God's favorite form of entertainment - that's why He doesn't have cable.

32. Never kill yourself - It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. (Besides, you're gonna die anyway - it's guaranteed. The trick is staying alive!)

33. Life is to be lived - dead people belong in cemeteries. Be Brave and make choices that you don?t regret. (Ride all the rides and see all the shows you want to see before you go.)

34. Mistakes can be good - some of us would not be here without them. (Sometimes a bad decision or pursuing a dream that doesn't pan out eliminates that possibility or the haunting regret.)

35. In a relationship, you must hold on to the most important values and not compromise them, or if the relationship ends you will have nothing.

36. You never own anyone - no one is yours.

37. Never turn your back on your family - NEVER!!!

38. Feed your soul everyday. ( And wash it while you're at it.)

39. Total all your actual expenses per month - if you don't make and take home 1/3 to double the amount that amount extra, you got problems! (Include fast food, movies, shopping sprees, all insurances, lunches, etc.)

40. The only thing you can control is now - the past is gone.

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