Rules 21 - 30

21. Never supply all the money in a business deal - make them meet you halfway or contribute a fair share of the interest. (Something unearned is unappreciated.)

22. Being in charge usually makes one unpopular - look @ God. Most people hate or resent Him. (People resent authority.)

23. Always have a plan, a backup plan and an escape plan. (Even if the plan is no plan!)

24. We are lazy by nature - admit it! (So sometimes you have to use all your might to fight the slacker within you!)

25. Find a pleasure in pain 'cuz life is full of it. (FACE the PAIN and keep yourself 2 steps ahead of the crowd.)

26. Keeping life orderly and being responsible is an unnatural act. (Life by nature is full of dirt & sweat)

27. Only "CLOSERS" win the prize. (Anyone can start the game, but Closers know how to go the distance.)

28. Don?t let others clean your "dirty underwear". (I alone am responsible for my own mess.)

29. TV is a time-soak. (It's watching other people live life.)

30. Humans spend most of their free time seeking entertainment or being entertainment.

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