Rules 11-20

11. Cover you back. (It's the one with the big "BULLSEYE" on it.)

12. Join the right team - You team will not win if you don?t have the right players.

13. Keep a schedule - God has one.

14. Positive people live longer and achieve impossible things i.e. dreams, promises - IT'S A FACT!!!

15. Know your limitations and learn your weaknesses. (Change them or avoid them)

16. Live and love - exchange ideas with an open mind but hold strongly to your personal convictions until proven wrong. (By the way, I'm not here on the planet to be anyone's burden or reminder of failure.)

17. Sometimes, even when you're wrong, you have to go with your personal convictions. (Live or die with your best pitch.)

18. Life is a temporary proposition.

19. You are your best act to sign. (If you're not excited about yourself, who is?)

20. Better to loan advice than money. (The real problem is money management)

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