Survival Rules - The Basic 50 for Rookies

Part I - Trilogy
From the Book of Jon

By Jon Yoder

Reminder: Please read responsibly, completely and in context before making judgments.

Rules 1 - 10

Rules 11 - 20

Rules 21 - 30

Rules 31 - 40

Rules 41 - 50

NOTE: These rules can be ignored if one is to live life like a missionary depending day-to-day on faith in God - which has a great reward. There is a price to pay for that lifestyle. However, if one is to raise a family or try to live & work within society, these rules will help give some order and perhaps a little perspective to the chaos.

P.S. Suggestion: Attach a copy of the Rules to the last month on your calendar. Then at the end of the year review the major decisions you have made both good & bad. Try setting some goals and spending quality time alone dedicating yourself to that end. Add-on your own set of Rules. (You must adapt the Rules to fit your style and approach to life, and to match the context of the times to your personal situation.)

(1st Print 9/99 - 7th Revision)